Personal Post – Our Bathroom Renovation

My husband and I purchased our first home two months ago in a small rural town in South Jersey. I’ll do an entire post another time about all the renovations we’ve done (we basically remodeled every square inch) but for now, I’ll focus on our smallest room and coincidently one of our most drastic transformations so far.

When I first swung open this bathroom door during our very first walk through with our realtor, I was greeted by the most blinding fluorescent yellow lighting and yellow walls you could ever imagine. I’m pretty sure the previous owner had painted these walls with neon craft paint. They used old dark wooden cabinetry as the “vanity” and every fixture screamed 1970. Needless to say, this wasn’t the bathroom I had envisioned in my dream home.

After we purchased our new home, I knew the bathroom had to get tackled sooner rather than later. My husband and I, along with a ton of help from my father-in-law began ripping out the 1970’s from this bathroom. Everything had to go from the mirrors, to the handrails, the towel holders, toilet paper holder and of course the  horrible cabinet, toilet and flooring.

Jordan and I headed to Home Depot where we quickly agreed upon a paint color and not so quickly agreed on flooring. I had my heart set on Carrera marble, but Jordan thought it would be too white.  I won’t tell you how long we stood in that flooring aisle, but we eventually compromised on stick tile flooring with the name “Petrified Wood” I’ll admit it, in the end, my husband was right and I actually love the Petrified Wood flooring better than the Carrera marble.

We actually installed the flooring last. By we, I mean my father-in-law and husband along with the toilet and an actual vanity that wasn’t a kitchen cabinet. We purchased a low-end toilet because… It’s a toilet who cares?! Same with the vanity. As long as it was white, I didn’t care what it looked like. After all the painting was done, all four coats of paint (Remember, fluorescent yellow!) it was time for the flooring and the molding. Initially we were going to paint the existing molding, but honestly nobody has time for that. It was in rough shape to begin with so we purchased all new trim molding (Prepainted, thank you, Jesus!)

When it came time to replace the light fixtures, I knew what I like to but I just couldn’t justify spending $200 on a light. I also like the idea of repurposing some things from the house. So I decided to reuse both of the light fixtures. The light closest to our bathtub was originally gold and I spray painted it black. Then the hideous lighting above our vanity mirror, I painted and framed out with some stained scrap wood, to fit with my farmhouse decor theme. The ladder, I had in our old apartment as I had made that about a year ago. It fit perfectly behind our toilet and was my towel holder solution. I purchased our toilet paper holder off of Amazon, and made the framed print on the wall.

All in all, I believe we spent under $350 total for this renovation! I love how it turned out. Now onto our master bathroom renovation!


See what I mean?! It was a SCARY bathroom!!!

Now onto our renovated bathroom…








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