Wedding Wednesdays – 5 Things You Want to Have in Your Bridal Suite

Lets first talk about the Bridal Suite itself. The ideal area for getting ready photos, has abundant space and plenty of natural light! When you are considering a venue/hotel to book for your getting ready photos, be sure to ask to see the actual room.  If you have a large bridal party or have hair/makeup coming to your suite, it is a great idea to get two adjoining rooms or a very large suite. Not only will your photographer love you, as you will have an uncluttered area for photos, but your bridal party can move around.

Now, for what to have in your Bridal Suite!

1. A Pair of Scissors – This might sounds silly, but almost every wedding I shot this past year, had a bridesmaid call out “Anybody have scissors?!” Most of the time no scissors were in the room. I actually carry a pair in my camera bag now!

2. A Mini Steamer – It happens, dresses get wrinkled! The large bulky steamers are always in the way and people are constantly knocking it over or tripping on the cord. I suggest having a mini steamer like this ONE. Bonus: You can throw it right in your suitcase for your honeymoon.

3. Bottled Water & Snacks – In the craziness of getting ready, many people forget to eat. To avoid passing out and your bridal party being hangry (Yes, that is definitely a real thing!) make sure they are hydrated and fed.

4. Your Bouquets/Boutonnieres –  Have your florist deliver your flowers a half hour before your photographer arrives. Also, designate someone (preferrably non bridal party member) to make sure the boutonnieres get to the guys room. I send a full list to my couples of exactly what getting ready items they’ll want out and ready to be photographed.

5. Mini Emergency Kit – Include items like gum, advil, band-aids, tide stick, perfume, makeup remover wipes, sewing kit & chapstick.

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